Jameson Boom Mount Pole Saw Holder Kit

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  • The Boom Mount Holster Kit by Jameson provides easy access to your long reach chainsaw and works with virtually all standard boom lifts. This kit prevents damage to the boom as well as your saw when storing or removing the blade. A rubberized handle holder provides a secure hold and reduces tool wear.


    • Long Reach Chain Saw Holder with ratchet straps and handle holder mounts on the boom for safe, convenient access.
    • Fits most long reach chainsaws
    • Made from high impact plastic, Jameson's boom mount tool holders can be strapped to round or square booms.
    • The Boom Mount Holster Kit provides convenient storage for your long-reach chainsaw outside the bucket.
    • It works with virtually all standard boom lifts and is designed to accommodate most long-reach chainsaws, including the "Fairmont" and "Stanley" styles.
    • Water repellent and UV resistant
    • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions